from our land…

Don Cataldo the beauty and hospitality of an unrepeatable place a jewel nestled in the center of the most beautiful region … Puglia, organic and regenerative agriculture: arm in arm tradition and modern technical-scientific knowledge

Create your vegetable garden online!

In the splendid setting of the Don Cataldo farm, consider the possibility of adopting a remote vegetable garden, manage it from home, follow the growth and receive your products at home. We cultivate your piece of land for you, we produce healthy and quality food at sustainable costs! Send us an email for information

A mission to protect soil biodiversity, with us, experts in organic and regenerative agriculture, muscles, ideas and tools for quality agriculture, Don Cataldo, not only for enthusiasts, but also for consumers, innovative disciplines in a territory with strong agricultural vocation

Book fresh eggs grown on the ground, keep up to 28 days at room temperature, the shipment will be made as soon as the eggs are available to ensure the freshness of the product fruit of chickens that hatch naturally and feed freely without organic fertilizers